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Getting Started

A Newbie's Guide to Starting with AnySchoolers


Let's ignite a fire! What are you looking for? 


AnySchoolers is not a typical homeschool co-op. A co-op ("cooperative") usually involves a membership fee  and required volunteering/teaching for participation in educational opportunities. AnySchoolers is bigger than a co-op. We do not have membership fees for educational opportunities (classes, field trips). Our subscription (which is a 501-c-3 tax-deductible donation) provides access to extra benefits, localized social pods, and supports our cause. We are  a nonprofit organization, recognized by the IRS and State of MO, working on changing the face of homeschooling by:

  • Organizing open-access classes and field trips (and campouts and festivals and workshops and meetups and recesses and holiday celebrations and equinox/solstice fire pits and coffee shops and book clubs and all the things!)

  • Providing a special place with the sole purpose of socializing with other kids and adults (social pods)

  • Giving homeschooling parents and other educators a venue to write and create educational materials to either donate or make an income (online self-paced downloadable curriculums, live in-person/virtual classes on any secular subject, blog contributions from you for the rest of the homeschooling world)

  • Disseminating good information about secular, inclusive, academic homeschooling educational philosophy by bringing voices to our podcast and adult events.Offering education about child development, neuroscience, attachment and how families learn together in all of the spaces we communicate.

  • Expanding the AnySchoolers vision and operational model around the United States or abroad to  enable secular homeschoolers with support, opportunities, and most of all, connection

  • Providing financial help in the form of scholarships forAnySchoolers subscriptions, events, and eventually, colleges and trade schools

  • Publicly presenting homeschooling as a schooling option for families that's free of stereotypes, old norms, and preconceived notions - making it an attractive, feasible, accessible option for anyone who wants to give it a go!

Friends for your kids? Enrichment classes?  Fun field trips with group discounts?  Need help before you burn out? Looking for a place to teach kids, share your knowledge, volunteer and network your own agency with homeschoolers?

What first? 

  1. Let us know you're here! We want to know that you're interested in playing with us. Make personal contact! Come hang with us at weekly structured and unstructured (alternating) recesses that are year-round, free open meetups... anything at all! If you're going to be new at an activity, RSVP and let us know it's your first AnySchoolers event, so we can give you SPECIAL connection and make sure you feel settled in. We want you give you a warm welcome!

  2. Join the website/app as a free site member. You don't have to be a paid donor to join the app! You'll have access to our Calendar, Forms, self-paced online classes,  class listings and registrations, and of course, for our donors we have access to our  social pod system (which acts much like Facebook with photo albums, private event calendars, chats and more), as well as mental health microconferences, special subscriber events, occasional discounts, and more!

  3. Stalk us. Explore your options. AnySchoolers has social and educational activities for preschool, elementary, tweens (10-13) and teens (13-18), as well as support and education for adults (18+). We are a brand-spankin-new nonprofit, so if we don't have your heart's desire, we can work together to get it! We want to collaborate with you! 

  4. Sign up, sign up, sign up. Participation is where the magic happens!

  5. Volunteer and share your brilliant ideas! We don't have any volunteer requirements of caregivers for family members to take AnySchoolers classes.  We want you to volunteer because you want to, love homeschooling, have a topic you're passionate about, or want to see an activity happen for homeschooling children and teens. Anyone can volunteer, and we are waiting for your help and input! Here's more information about what's going on behind the scenes if you're curious.

Supporter Options

Supporters (who might informally refer to themselves as "members") are donors to our organization who receive benefits as a thanks for their donation. The minimum donation to receive these benefits is $60/year, and all supporters receive the same benefits, regardless of the size of their donation. A la carte classes and field trips are open to anyone who homeschools, regardless of Supporter status. Donating more than $60/family/year enables us to operate our nonprofit behind the scenes, subsidize program costs, and provide financial assistance and resourcing to urban and rural homeschool families.

Candle Supporters ($60-249)

Torch Supporters ($250-499)

Fireplace Supporters ($500-749)

Campfire Supporters ($750-999)

Bonfire Supporters ($1000+)

All Supporters receive these benefits with our gratitude:

  • Access to our "members only" login area (which includes Family Pages, Galleries, Social Pod groups)

  • Access to annual Slow Burn Curriculum and the accompanying online courses (2022-2023 is "Phoenix Rising"; 2023-2024 is "Hearth").

  • Supporters can submit their own class content for hosting on the AnySchoolers website

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