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All the same.

Supporters (who might informally refer to themselves as "members") are donors to our organization who receive benefits as a thanks for their donation. The minimum donation to receive these benefits is $60/year, and all supporters receive the same benefits, regardless of the size of their donation. A la carte classes and field trips are open to anyone who homeschools, regardless of Supporter status. Donating more than $60/family/year enables us to operate our nonprofit behind the scenes, subsidize program costs, and provide financial assistance, "supporter" scholarships, and resourcing to homeschool families who need a little  or a lot of help with costs.

Candle Supporters ($60-249)

Torch Supporters ($250-499)

Fireplace Supporters ($500-749)

Campfire Supporters ($750-999)

Bonfire Supporters ($1000+)

All Supporters receive these benefits with our gratitude:

  • Access to our "members only" login area (which includes Family Pages, Galleries, Social Pod groups)

  • Access to annual Slow Burn Curriculum and the accompanying online courses (2022-2023 is "Phoenix Rising"; 2023-2024 is "Hearth")

  • Supporters can submit their own class content for hosting on the AnySchoolers website

Special Donations 

Give a gift in honor or memory, give as a final end-of-year donation, give a one-time gift separate from a subscription to social pods and Slow Burn. Please do not use this donation for social pods, Slow Burn, or to purchase a gift card.  



This space is for one-time gifts of the heart.

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