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Refund Policy

Refund and Return Policies

AnySchoolers brings classes and social connection to homeschooling families, but AnySchoolers is not a co-op, nor are we selling something to you (except maybe some really cool merch and gift cards). AnySchoolers is a nonprofit established by homeschoolers for homeschoolers, and its roots are in private funding from its founders. 


Donations to AnySchoolers fund our technology platforms, protection for the nonprofit from liabilities that would stop our mission and vision, general operational expenses such as accounting and tax filing, and financial assistance (and in the future, we even wish for college/trade school scholarships!) for participating families who need it. If you are interested in helping with grant application writing or organizing fundraising efforts for the nonprofit, please email us!


We welcome donations from both homeschoolers and members of the community who support home education. Your household donation each year supports our efforts to connect all homeschooling families to one another in a beautiful web of relationships, year after year. Donations are final and not refundable.


For families and individuals who choose to make their annual donation through our online subscription portal, no refunds will be offered for your donation. We deeply appreciate your support and look forward to building a community with your family.


For classes and special events, AnySchoolers will refund these costs only if the event is cancelled. These funds will be returned as soon as possible to your original payment method.


AnySchoolers was founded with a desire to serve our homeschooling community, so please reach out if you need assistance. You can send a message through our Contact form, send an email to, or call/text us at 816.607.3346.

Shipping and Delivery Information

Shipping / Delivery Information

AnySchoolers offers two different types of merchandise: print-on-demand items through a third party servicer and digital goods directly through our website. 


Physical Items - What YouNeed to Know:

Shipping has been integrated into the cost of the item, and you will receive shipping notices  from the third-party printer. All goods are shipped with tracking numbers through national carriers, typically UPS or FedEx. Because our print-on-demand items come through a third-party printer, we do not handle shipping ourselves. However, we want to ensure that you receive good quality service, so please contact us if there are any issues. 


Digital Products - What You Need to Know:

For digital products, you will receive a link to download on the purchase confirmation page. You can download the digital item from this link. You will also receive an emailed link in your email inbox to download the digital item. This email will come from AnySchoolers. Digital product sales are final and not refundable.  

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