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Teens +
High Schoolers

13 - 17 Years Old

Homeschooling Teens

Teens begin to take the reins on their education when they reach high school. Seasoned homeschooling parents may begin to find themselves anxious about whether their teen will be equipped for college or trade school entrance, and new questions arise about what it means to graduate your high schooler, how much is enough, whether dual-credit programs, online learning, or continued home instruction is the best option. The best way to confront the insecurities and fears that come up with homeschooling high schoolers is to be part of a team of parents who can regularly bounce thoughts and suggestions off one another. A close second it to connect with a local community college counselor to explore options.

Teens need life skills: how to change tires and navigate the DMV, how taxes work, saving for retirement, how mortgage loans work, how to make that casserole, what to set the washing machine on for that favorite shirt... the list goes on! 

Emotionally, the teen years are about a search for true self - fidelity to one's roles, beliefs, dreams for the future. Adolescents ask themselves the questions, "Who am I? How am I to fit in? Where am I going in life?" Teens explore how they fit into society at large. After spending infancy and toddlerhood with parents, elementary with parents and peers, tween years exploring self in relationship to peers, the teen years are the final years of childlike discovery. There's still a need for play. There's still a need for nurture and the safety of home, balanced with the need to find a role in society that feels fulfilling and meaningful. As if they are saying, "Hold me tight, but let me go," they express, "Hold my hand, but don't hold me back."

AnySchoolers' Homeschool 101s and online parent meetings are great places for connecting with experienced homeschooling parents. Social pods and community events are great places for high schoolers and their adults to find one another, and AnySchooler's vision is to offer a wide range of academic programming and referrals for high schoolers to meet their education dreams.

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