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Teach with us! We believe in providing teachers, tradespeople, professionals, and homeschool parents with opportunities to have income, and we believe in bringing live and real learning experiences to humans across the lifespan from preschool to adults!

AnySchoolers brings together educators and students by coordinating labs, classes, live experiences and more. 

If you'd like to bring your expertise, we are here for it!

Below you'll find a guide to the options available to adults who would like to support AnySchoolers families with talents, knowledge and kindness. 

We are ready when you are!

Contract Offering

Teacher-Paid Contract Offering

Our organization welcomes teachers who want to make money and share a portion with AnySchoolers. We are particularly fond of employing homeschooling families as educators, but we believe all humans have some thing wonderful to teach. 


All class material must be in line with our mission, values, and Code of Ethics. Volunteer staff have the right to decline class material or teaching offers at any time for any reason.

1. Review our Teacher Contract to determine if this fits your needs. Email us at with the subject line "Teacher Contract Request," then a volunteer will contact you. The details of your arrangement can be decided by collaborating with our volunteer staff. Our volunteer staff will add your class to the website calendar as an AnySchoolers event, take payments and registrations, and market the class on your behalf through our social platforms

Some things to consider: 

1. Please keep in mind that administrative work (data entry, calendaring, creating registrations/tickets for classes, promo on social media for our community) are all done by volunteers and take a minimum of a week to coordinate when all the details are decided. We cannot publish classes that have start dates less than 4 weeks from the date of calendar publication. Ideally, the community at large needs around 6 weeks notice about a class offering. This means that volunteers need to begin administrating the event around 8+ weeks before the start date of your class offering. Bottom line is... give as much lead time as possible! It gives the best possible outcomes!

2. AnySchoolers does not issue refund or transfer class fees for participants -- please do not promise this to any families, as it will not be honored. Participants who change their minds or have other commitments or illnesses arise are encouraged to gift or privately sell their registrations to other families/students. The only refundable registrations are weather cancellations and teacher-initiated cancellation, which causes both you and the nonprofit (AnySchoolers) to lose money in transaction fees. This circumstance should be reserved for limited circumstances. Choosing locations that are indoors during cold or rainy or extremely hot months helps with heading off the need to cancel due to weather.

3. AnySchoolers has a list of locations that meet a variety of needs. Many of these locations are partner nonprofit organizations that are mutually benefitting from our class presence. AnySchoolers never conducts activities in a religiously-affiliated location (church, religious org, mosque, synagogue) because we serve a diverse population. Many of our families are traumatized by religious 

4. Payment to teachers is provided at the conclusion of the class or recurring series, not before. This allows AnySchoolers to account for any cancellations due to weather or expenses that need deduction from the final payment.

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