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Board of Directors

Giving Momentum, Encouragement, and Accountability to AnySchoolers

The Board of Directors is concerned with governance or the vision and overall direction of AnySchoolers. Our Board defines expectations, grants our lead volunteers the authority to act, verifies the performance of our lead volunteers, and monitors our compliance with laws, regulations, and other requirements. These are generally non-participant adults who support homeschooling families and have expertise that helps drive the mission of AnySchoolers (librarians, mental health professionals, writers/authors, retired/empty-nesting homeschoolers, CPAs, investors, professors, tradespeople).

How does governance work?

Members of the AnySchoolers Board of Directors are adult community members who are willing to share their time, energy, resources, and connections with AnySchoolers as a nonprofit organization and with homeschooling families at large, nationally and in local hubs. Members of the Board of Directors serve voluntarily for limited terms. According to the bylaws, the number of members on the board at any given time is determined by the relative size of AnySchoolers unique donors.


Board members are responsible for the overall governance, accountability and truth to the original mission and vision of the organization. Board members do not run the operations of the organization, nor do they make day-to-day decisions. They are enthusiastic supporters of home education, believe in all of the AnySchoolers Values, and are motivated to use their time on the Board to serve homeschooling families with a fire in their hearts. Their work is in raising support, sharing the mission, and furthering the momentum of change.


To prevent potential dual relationships in operational leadership and participant experiences, a member of the Board of Directors is not a homeschooling caregiver participating in AnySchoolers programming. They are familiar with its mission and dreams and are AnySchoolers donors.

Candidates are nominated and reviewed by a Nominations Committee, which is appointed by the Executive Directors. The Nominations Committee is responsible for: 

  • Identifying and nominating non-participant community members to the Board of Directors, who will then elect from candidates provided by the Nomination Committee.

  • Supporting the work of AnySchoolers by providing expertise and professional knowledge.

  • Maintaining confidentiality when necessary.

  • Offering advice and information to the Executive Director(s).


Adults and teens who participate in AnySchoolers programming may be voted into a one-year term on the Advisory Committee. The Advisory Council will be selected by nomination at large by emailing, self-volunteering through our Volunteer Onboarding Form (please select "representing homeschool families in an advisory role to the Board of Directors"), and general online vote by donors annually. The Advisory Council exists to advise the Board of Directors on their direct experience of AnySchoolers needs, dreams and practical day-to-day experiences, bringing the voices of homeschooling families together with the voices of those who are supportive community members. 


The Advisory Council does not vote in Board of Director decisions. These are AnySchoolers from homeschooling families who are familiar with the culture and ethos of the organization. Advisory Council members are nominated and voted on annually by participants/donors. They are:

  • The voices of participants, advising the Board of Directors from a position of experience and involvement.

  • Responsible for supporting the work of AnySchoolers by providing expertise and professional knowledge.

  • Maintain confidentiality when necessary.

  • Offers advice and information to the Executive Director(s).

  • May be invited to attend specific meetings with the Executive Director(s) and/or the Board of Directors.

What happens in 2022-2023 after the nonprofit launches?

The AnySchoolers Bylaws provide that a Nominations Committee made up of participating homeschooling families will submit candidate nominations to an existing Board of Directors and the Executive Director(s).


Since AnySchoolers is a new nonprofit organization and currently forming its first governance board, the Executive Directors and a Nominations Committee of AnySchoolers participants familiar with the goals and dreams of the organization will review nominations at large. 


After a nomination is submitted, it will be reviewed by the above-mentioned, the Executive Directors will reach out personally to the nominee, determine congruency and fit with our organization and invite to a meeting to review/interview candidates. The Executive Directors/Founders will take the input of the interim Nominations Committee and appoint the first three board members for AnySchoolers.


Once a Board of Directors is established, a Nomination Committee, appointed by the Executive Directors, is responsible for making recommendations to the Board of Directors, who then review the nominations and elect new members to itself to limited terms. The Nominations Committee does not interview the candidates with the Board of Directors and can recommend as many candidates as desired. All board members are Officers with equal power to one another. AnySchoolers intentionally seeks professionals that are in support fields complimentary to home education. 

Meet the Board of Directors

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