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AnySchoolers is for the entire family, and we want adult educators and caregivers to find community too. 

Adults and Homeschooling:
Being the Curious Teacher

Dear Mom, Dad, Grandma, Aunt, Tutor, Teacher, Friend: 


Want to learn a new skill or hobby yourself? Need resources and coaching for your role as a teacher? Are you a subject-matter expert that can share knowledge with joy? 

Adults are learners too. The brain's job is to continue adapting and learning across the entire lifespan, and children who watch their caregivers learning are seeing that learning happens forever. In fact, adults who learn new skills and practice old ones may even live longer loves! 

Supporting homeschooling adults, both parents and other caregivers who school children in a household, is a primary goal for AnySchoolers because we believe that healthy, connected adults lead to healthy, connected children. We believe caregivers need security in adult peer relationships in order to nurture and teach their children. As one of our 10 Values states:

We believe that a spirit of comradery, transparency, accountability, and teamwork among adults lights the way for children, who learn the same culture of deep respect. We are passing the torch to the next generation by modeling healthy adult collegial work.

We have social pods for you too. We have classes for you too. We have enrichment activities for adults like book clubs and support groups, and check out our annual virtual mental health, homeschooling and parenting weekend workshop. We'll be here with you, and if you have an idea, bring it to the bonfire!


Heidi Holycross-Lui and Vanessa Knight

Co-Executive Directors

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