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Kids + 

5 - 10 Years Old

Homeschooling Kids + Elementary

Homeschooling elementary aged kids in kindergarten through roughly 5th or 6th grade is fun! When kids are in these younger years, they are eager to learn, curious, ready to move and explore. All you have to do is encourage it and create the opportunities for new learning to scaffold in their hungry little brains! 

The elementary years are ideal for forming the basic social groups for kids that will carry them through the tween and teen years, and in elementary years, parents are responsible for guiding and setting up social norms between families that will set them up for healthy relationships as teens and adults. Important social norms are ways to invite play, ways to set boundaries, conflict resolution when there is a ruptured relationship, constructive ways to express both positive and negative emotions. 

AnySchoolers social pods cohorts of similar elementary aged children to connect and build friendships. Similarities that are the basis of a group can be anything from simple same age groups to similar interest groups - the iterations are infinite! 

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