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Annual Donation through Website Subscription

Our community operates entirely on gifts. Yes, that's for real, and you can trust it. While we have big dreams of having paid staff for helping to manage administration and advocacy across society for homeschooling families and school choice, this is a grassroots, volunteer-run 501(c)3 charity organization. 

AnySchoolers has public, open-access educational opportunities for anyone - no volunteering or membership requirements. We have no application, no statements of faith, no required participation. Sometimes this will mean that the events on our public educational calendar will have more of a "revolving door" of faces, but AnySchoolers ALSO has a deeper level of connection you can engage in where the community feels familiar and you find your family's "people". We request a donation in this part of our organization in order to have investment from families who want more. Access to our deeper community social connection programs begins at $60 a year for a family of any size. As of September 17, 2023, any Supporters who make at least a $60 donation (or $15/quarter) will gain:

  • Access to our private, moderated Discord Supporter Server for social connections to "matches" with other families, 

  • Access to a password-protected Supporter only social events calendar

  • Varying discounts on educational opportunities on the public calendar (classes, labs, workshops, field trips, etc)

  • Early access to popular educational events that will sell out quickly because of class maximums 


For those who have the means to give more, we have high donation levels (website subscriptions), such as  "get one give one" (120/yr) and $250/yr. For hard times, we have scholarshipped website subscriptions available - no one is left out who wants to be part of our community! Although you will not receive additional perks by donating more than the requested amount, you will ensure that this community burns as brightly as possible for as many families as possible!

Why give us your money?

AnySchoolers brings classes and social connection to homeschooling families, but AnySchoolers is not a co-op, nor are we selling something to you (except maybe some really cool merch and gift cards - also fundraising efforts). AnySchoolers is a nonprofit established by homeschoolers for homeschoolers, and its roots are in private funding from its founders. Donations to AnySchoolers fund our technology platforms, general liability protection, general operational expenses such as marketing, accounting and tax filing, and scholarships/financial assistance for participating families who need it. In the future, we even wish for college/trade school scholarships. If you are interested in helping with grant application writing or organizing fundraising efforts for the nonprofit, please see our volunteering information!

We welcome donations from both homeschoolers and members of the community who support home education. Your household donation each year supports our efforts to connect all homeschooling families to one another in a beautiful web of relationships, year after year. Together, we all share the joy of changing the face of homeschooling to the rest of the world, combating stereotypes, sharing what homeschooling looks like, and generally putting good in some other homeschooling family's world.

Refunds will not be offered for donations.

Marshmallows over Campfire
Marshmallows over Campfire

What happens after I make this donation?

Your donation will appear as a website subscription that renews on the date you subscribed each year. 

You'll receive an email confirmation of your website subscription that will provide:

  • an invitation link to the Discord Supporter server, 

  • a link to a Social Connection Form to tell us more about your family, so we can find matches for your children within the Supporter community on the server.

  • Beginning September 17, 2023, the Discord server is the "spot" for the monthly password to the Supporter-Only Social Calendar. This password will change monthly to keep our Supporter access current with those who have website subscriptions. 

How much support do you want to offer our community?

  • Torch

    Every year
    This is our basic minimum annual donation for one household.
  • Fireplace

    Every year
    The minimum annual donation for being a part of deeper community is $60. This is a "Get 1 Give 1"!
  • Campfire

    Every year
    Wanna give big? This will supply your household and 3+ others with connection, discounts, socials.
  • Candle (Quarterly)

    Every 3 months
    The minimum donation for a year is $60, so we divided it into quarters!
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