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What does homeschooling look like?


Kids and teens, if you could show the world what homeschooling looks like with your art, what would you draw? AnySchoolers wants your beautiful artwork to help us raise money! The proceeds of your t-shirt design will raise money for AnySchoolers - a completely volunteer-run 501(c)3 charity organization.

Shirts will sell for:

Toddler - $25

Youth - $27

Adult - $29

In the future, we may offer a class on how to upcycle your child's artwork shirt into a memento/keepsake, so you can keep it forever!

We are here to change the face of homeschooling! You're telling a story about homeschooling, and you are sharing your art. 


AnySchoolers has no membership fees or applicational process for joining. All are welcome. Anyone can submit a design to this cause. There is no design submission fee. Limit two (2) designs per child/teen in this round of submissions.

AnySchoolers reserves the right to refuse designs that do not align with our mission, vision, and values.

​ Your written description (2-5 sentences) of your design will appear on the item description in our online store, so people can read it when they buy your shirt!

Submission Deadline is July 31, 2023 at 11:59pm.

Step 1:
Think about your homeschool world. What does it mean to you? Who is in it? What does your day look like? What's your favorite thing to do with your family?


Step 2:
Grab your art supplies and get creative! You can use any color paper as a background, markers, crayons, paints, oil pastels, anything you like. Because the lines of pens and pencils are very thin, they likely will not show up well on a t-shirt. Shirts are long sleeved for the Winter 2023 in adult, youth, and toddler sizes. If you want to specify a shirt color(s), there will be choices on the submission form. Each child can submit up to two (2) forms for this round of shirts. If you have more designs, save them for the next round of submissions in the spring in early 2024 (short sleeves)!

Step 3: 
Write 2-5 sentences about your artwork, and if you need help, an adult can write down what you tell them to. Your written description of your design will appear on the item description in our Online Store, so people can read it when they buy your shirt!

Step 4: 
Capture your artwork in a digital file. Nearly any file format will work: you can scan it to a computer or take a photo with a phone. The max oil upload size is 25MB. If you use a .png, the background will appear "clear." The white box on these sample images will not show on your shirt. The AnySchoolers logo will be at the bottom. The artwork will appear as a rectangle or square on the front of the shirt. We are currently only designing fronts (no backs).


Step 5: 
Fill out our T-Shirt Fundraiser Submission Form here. Please only submit one t-shirt design per form. The form will ask you for child/teen's name, date of birth and age, parent/adult's name, phone and email, address, optional child/teen email and phone, file upload, space for you to copy/paste (highly recommended) description of homeschooling by the artist, and preference selections on t-shirt colors that are available for this round of t-shirts. Only child's first name and age will appear with the item description.

Step 6: 

A volunteer will be alerted of your submission soon and will begin working on your t-shirt design after you hit "Submit." and all of the t-shirts will be released together for purchase in a single event in the Fall semester of 2023. Another t-shirt submission for short-sleeved shirts will come in Spring 2024. Watch for an class event in the future on how to upcycle a memento/keepsake out of a used t-shirt once your child outgrows this shirt, so you can keep this art project forever!

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