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Kindness Project: Day 17

Today's suggested activity is to donate food to a local food bank, including some fun options like a cake mix and frosting. The mixes that are designed to be made in the microwave using a mug can also be wonderful options for a quick treat for families struggling with hunger. So often lower income families are unable to provide cake for their family member's birthdays, so offering donations of cake mixes and frosting can be a huge boost for their morale.

Every year it also seems as though the advertisements for the Black Friday sales begin ever earlier, which can make it feel overwhelming to also think about ways to help our communities. However, picking up a few extra supplies to donate when we're making our grocery store trips can really add up and make a huge difference in our communities, even if it's something as simple as a boxed mug cake.

Unfortunately, many food banks tend to run quite low at this time of year, even as the need for additional food from these banks increase during the colder months. Offering additional support in the form of in-kind donations of food or financial resources can often mean that many more people in the community can be served. This is especially important for people emotionally as they are bombarded by messages about family gatherings and preparing special holiday meals.

Does your family have any tips or tricks for how to help people avoid going hungry? I'd love to hear them in the comments below.


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