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Kindness Project: Day 13

One of the ways that we build good feelings between people is by having shared memories. Photos can be such potent reminders of the good times we have had with our friends.

Today's kindness is focused on sharing these good memories with friends. Printing a photo of yourself with your friends and then writing a note to them about the memory is such a special way to celebrate friendship.

For myself, I know that the special photos of myself with my friends throughout my life are incredibly meaningful, even if I have lost contact with some of the friends. With the pictures, I am still able to remember how lovely those memories and friendships were. Offering this gift to our current friends can be just as special, especially since it's so much more rare to have printed photos now.

What are your favorite photos of you with your friends? Or your children with their friends. I'd love to hear about them below.


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