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Introducing Our Kindness Project!

AnySchoolers is holding a Kindness Project that runs from October 3 until December 1.

There are many aspects of this project that will be announced throughout the months of October and November along with family friendly kindness ideas, printables, and other projects. There will be daily blog posts with ideas for getting your family to participate in building a kinder world.

There are items in the shop that are free downloads to make it more enjoyable for your family to participate. The first one we recommend downloading is here: Kindness Challenge Tracker.

The Kindness Challenge Tracker printable is a series of matches that your family can color in throughout the challenge to track how many kind acts you have completed. Choosing one color per person in the family or printing an individual sheet for each family member offers an easy way for each person to track their own accomplishments. There are different choices for the number of matches you can complete, including one that has 10, 24, 30, 31, and 100. We would love to see you post your progress in our groups in the Spaces app (available in your app store) or tag us on Instagram at @anyschoolers.

Another printable that you may find helpful is the calendar that contains the entire list of suggested activities for the Kindness Project: Calendar Link.


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