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MONDAY: Tweens and Teens Paintball in Caves (10+ years)

MONDAY: Tweens and Teens Paintball in Caves (10+ years)

Jaegers Subsurface Paintball & Lasertag

9300 NE Underground Dr, Kansas City, MO 64161, USA

9/25/23, 10:30 PM

JAEGERS Subsurface Paintball is the world's first and only underground paintball arena catering to all skill levels of the game. Younger siblings are welcome to hang too!

Group discounts for AnySchoolers are the best! Tweens and teens (10+) love paintball! Coveralls and masks, etc are provided. 

100 paintballs (and gear): $27 (regular 37.00)

200 paintballs (and gear): $32 (regular 42.00)

300 paintballs (and gear): $37 (regular 47.00)

500 paintballs (and gear): $45 (regular 55.00)

We'll meet at 5:30pm for underground paintball. Since it's during the dinner hours, we have an optional $5 pizza order buy in when you are registering. Please BYO drinks! There are vending machines for sodas onsite. Ticket prices are based on ammo quantity (how many paintballs you want to purchase). If you run out of paintballs during the games, you will be able to purchase more with the group discount (and share a "bag" if you prefer with other players). 

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