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Heather Parker

Houston, TX Pilot Program Director

I'm a newb. I have young children: a 3.5 year old boy, who is curious and kind and also loves roaring as loudly as he can, and a 7-month old girl who is currently into downward-facing dog and dinosaur noises. They have yet to start homeschooling, but I'm SO excited to get started and want to start collecting resources, learning the "how" of homeschooling, and building a community for all of us so we are more settled in when they do eventually begin.

I sing in a cover band. I love power tools and making things with my hands. I love taking on renovation and DIY projects, both large and small. I was a docent and an animal handler at the Houston Zoo, so I know a lot of random animal facts. My husband is an attorney; he has a quick wit, a great sense of humor, and he loves to bake. When we met, we bonded over our shared loves of great food, traveling, proper grammar, and human rights. I love all things science and nature. We have a terrier, Pip the Whitewalker, who has a disturbing obsession with guests' feet. I'm a home birth advocate. My family and I eat *mostly* plant-based foods. I love learning new things.


Heather has undergraduate degree was in Anthropology, tons of theatre experience from high school, both on stage and technical theatre, and she also has an MBA. Now she work with intellectual property, mainly patents. She has lots of hobbies - home repairs, home renovations, refurbishing old furniture, sewing, cooking, gardening, and general crafting of all kinds!

Heather Parker
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