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Cynthia Brown


I’m a homeschooling mom of 2 kids who loves to teach! I have a million hobbies. My husband Daniel and I have 2 kids, Aiden and Iyla and a dog Teddy. We enjoy everything tech and geek, and love outside activities especially mountain biking.

I have been actively homeschooling since Aiden was 3. Homeschooling was always my preferred choice for myself and my children. We joined a local co-op and thrived with the additional experience of learning from someone not mom. This is also when I started teaching science labs. I had come to the realization that doing all the fun experiments I found on Pinterest would quickly become way to expensive but by buying supplies in bulk and splitting the cost between a group of people it suddenly became feasible and there is nothing better then seeing the wonder and glee in kids eyes when they discover they can do something amazing.

The base curriculum that we use is Torchlight, We love the books that they suggest and I appreciate the suggested schedule. We use Beast Academy online and Prodigy for math, Logic of English Online, Night Zookeeper, and Epic for reading and writing. Hoffman Academy for Piano Lessons. We use the History and science suggested in the Torchlight curriculum and supplement with documentaries and YouTube. My kids focus better with screens so I’ve been adding their assignments to Seesaw with links to any materials they might need. Quick tip a lot of teachers and librarians have put story time books on YouTube, I have been able to find quite a few of Iyla’s books on there and that allows her to work on her school work while I either help Aiden or prep for the days activity.


Cynthia Brown
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