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Corie Wright

Instructor Liaison

I am homeschooling my 7 year old daughter Vera and 10 year old son Edison. We are quite nerdy! We love table top games, the arts, rock climbing, soccer and Pokémon. We love being outside in nature. You will often find us running free and a local nature area!

We try to create an academic and active homeschool life. We have had some road blocks with my son being ADHD (still going through the steps to confirm). It slowed us down until we figured out how to tweak and adjust as needed to ensure he is being supported with the right kind of curriculum. I have finished a couple years of college and paused when I opened up my photography studio several years ago. Looking forward to jumping back into it... finishing up, and I would love to spend my post homeschool years as a librarian.

Words of Wisdom from Corie:

You can always change your mind.

Whether that is in regards to homeschooling or public/private schooling.

Whether that is in regards to curriculum choices.

Whether that applies to extra curriculars or homeschool groups.

It's ok to change your mind or direction.


Corie Wright
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