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Join our bonfire!

Access to our community begins at $60. Any supporters who make at least a $60 donation will become an official part of our AnySchoolers community.

For people who have more financial resources to give in support, there are varying levels available as well. Although you will not receive additional perks, you will ensure that this community burns as brightly as possible for as many families as possible. 

Why give us your money?

AnySchoolers brings classes and social connection to homeschooling families, but AnySchoolers is not a co-op, nor are we selling something to you (except maybe some really cool merch and gift cards - also fundraising efforts). AnySchoolers is a nonprofit established by homeschoolers for homeschoolers, and its roots are in private funding from its founders. Donations to AnySchoolers fund our technology platforms, protection for the nonprofit from liabilities that would stop our mission and vision, general operational expenses such as accounting and tax filing, and financial assistance (and in the future, we even wish for college/trade school scholarships!) for participating families who need it. If you are interested in helping with grant application writing or organizing fundraising efforts for the nonprofit, please email us!

We welcome donations from both homeschoolers and members of the community who support home education. Your household donation each year supports our efforts to connect all homeschooling families to one another in a beautiful web of relationships, year after year. You will also receive donor-only access to:

  • Social pod groups within the community areas of the app/site and all the benefits of connecting in a private, safe platform, having social events, photo sharing, etc.

  • Slow Burn Monthly Curriculum, authored by Heidi Holycross-Lui,

  • Burnout Unburdened: A Parenting, Family Mental Health, and Homeschooling Virtual Conference (Sat/Sun, February 18-19, 2023)

  • Additional donor-only events as they are scheduled throughout the year (there will be more and more as the organization gains momentum)

  • The joy of knowing you're a part of changing the face of homeschooling to the rest of the world, combating stereotypes, sharing what homeschooling looks like, and generally putting good in some other homeschooling family's world.

Refunds will not be offered for donations.