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TUESDAY: Curriculum Chat

TUESDAY: Curriculum Chat

William E. Macken Park

1002 Clark Ferguson Dr, North Kansas City, MO 64116, USA

7/11/23, 3:00 PM

Join fellow homeschooling parents to talk about what programs they've used or plan to use!

Let's get together to share what curriculum we have used or plan to use! This will be an informal chat at a park shelter while the kids can play at a closeby playground. Bring any curriculum you have so other parents can take a look and learn from your experiences. 

Note: Feel free to share any curriculum your family enjoys but if any of the curriculum you bring are religiously affiliated please by sure to make that clear for transparency, since AnySchoolers is a secular community. As always, we suggest you research each curriculum carefully before you pursue it for your own family. Thank you!!

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