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THURSDAY: AnySchoolers Halloween! (All-Ages, Supporters Only)

THURSDAY: AnySchoolers Halloween! (All-Ages, Supporters Only)

Claycomo Community Center

28 Drake St, Kansas City, MO 64119, USA

10/26/23, 9:00 PM

Supporters are invited to join us for some Halloween fun -- costumes, games, dancing, crafts, snacks, and a raffle! This event is part of our Supporters Social calendar. Anyone can make a donation to become a Supporter of our 501(c)(3) charity organization at anytime - details below!

This  event is a Supporters Social Calendar event! Anyone can become a  Supporter by making an an annual donation through a subscription to our  website at any time. For more information on becoming a Supporter, so  you can attend this event, visit our Annual Donations Information!

If you are a Supporter (subscribed to the website), make sure you are  logged in to your subscription account. Click on your siteuser icon,  and you will find a dropdown menu. Select "Donor/Supporter-Only Social  Calendar," which will take you to a "Guest Area" page where you will  enter a monthly password. The monthly password, just like at Hogwart's,  changes 12x/year to keep access to our social calendar current. You can  find the password in the private, moderated Discord Supporter Social  Server. You will have received an invitation code to this Discord server  when you subscribed to our website, and if you need help getting  Discord access, use the chat feature on our website/app and the  volunteers will organically direct your tech support need to the right  volunteer.

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