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Saturday: Rage KC and Parlor: Parents Night Out

Saturday: Rage KC and Parlor: Parents Night Out

Meet @ RageKC, then walk/drive to Parlor

1524 Charlotte St, Kansas City, MO 64108, USA

6/25/23, 12:00 AM

BBREAK S%@T! Come take out your pent up stress on some glass and appliances! Beat the @&!% out of something with some other homeschool parents, hang out, and have BYOB (alcohol welcome), snacks in the hang out room.

Parents' event for getting real, authentic community building! Come meet other homeschooling parents, invite your homeschooling adult friends and beat the S%&T out of your stress! We have NO MEMBERSHIP FEES - only a requested donation to support our mission and vision. Anyone can attend this June 24th event. 

We'll meet at Rage KC and break things from 7-8:30. 

Bring your own beverages and snacks - beer, wine, juice, mocktails, milk, coffee, water, anything is welcome. We'll hang out in the lounge and rotate through the Rage Rooms in small groups. Rage KC has billiards tables and other fun things to enjoy, and we can watch each other RAGE on monitors!  Bring tennis shoes/sneakers for breaking things (no sandals, heels, crocks in the Rage Rooms). Long pants/shirts are recommended, and RageKC has coveralls if needed as part of your package.


$5 base cost to cover room rental (generously discounted for AnySchoolers by Rage KC!)

Choose a standard bag of breakables (17-18 items) for $30/person or a premium bag (27-28 items) for $45. You can order as many bags as you like! RageKC does not allow sharing bags - each adult must have their own bag.

After RageKC fun, we'll walk/drive to Parlor ( at 1707 Locust St, Kansas City, MO, 64108. It's three blocks east and one block south of RageKC - a quick walk. 

FYI: If you want to make a day of it, Parlor will be hosting KC Vintage Flea Market from 11am-4pm.

No children at this event please - adults only. Let's get out of the house without the kids! If you are a single mom and need help with childcare or connecting with another family, so that you can go out, we want to know - contact us directly at, so we can try to get you set up with some support for one night.

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