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Parents Night Out: Cards Against Humanity

Parents Night Out: Cards Against Humanity

Parlor KC

1707 Locust St, Kansas City, MO 64108, USA

10/1/23, 12:30 AM

Grab a sitter from our CPR-trained teens list, and come have food, drinks and play Cards Against Humanity with other homeschooling parents who are invested in the AnySchoolers community and spirit! This will be an explicit event. Must be ok with foul language, humor and dirty minds.

We'll meet up at 7:30 at Parlor KC, grab a spot for the group to hang out in the three leveled building. You can choose to eat or drink whatever you want from the 2 bars and 5 restaurants onsite, or just meet up with us to hang out. Food available is pizza, sandwiches, meditteranean, korean, sliders, fried chicken, tex-mex, and more (here's the list of restaurants and menus: Cards Against Humanity ( is an explicit adult game that involves foul language, inappropriate jokes, and explicit subjects, so don't play if you that's not your thing! 

The $1 per attendee is a small attendance accountability fee and labor/time appreciation and will be a donation to AnySchoolers (501c3 non-profit organization).  Hard times? Email for a special code for a free ticket to this event, as long as you guarantee attendance. 

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