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FRIDAY: Valentine’s box crafting!

FRIDAY: Valentine’s box crafting!

Ivanhoe Neighborhood Council

3700 Woodland Ave, Kansas City, MO 64109, USA

2/9/24, 4:00 PM

Avoid the disaster at home that is craft time and join friends in making Valentine’s boxes!

Join us for a crafting day that doesn't involve destroying your own house! There will be plenty of boxes and materials to build your box for our Valentine Exchange (February 13th) or any others you may have coming up! We supply all the box bases, craft materials, glue, scissors, and tools so your kids can make whatever their imagination can dream up! However you are always welcome to bring any supplies you may want specifically to use on your project!

This will be held at the Ivanhoe Neighborhood Center at 3700 Woodland Ave.

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