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Slow Burn Curriculum

As part of our benefits for paid supporters, AnySchoolers provides a year-round monthly, all-ages curriculum based around a theme, which includes an exploration of the theme through literacy and writing practices, cultural knowledge, and reflective practice.


The theme for 2022 - 2023 is The Phoenix Rising, coming out October 1, 2023!

Sample Activities

Discussion Questions

Intended to spark the interest of the whole family

Vocabulary Building Activities

A rich, varied vocabulary is essential to success, so vocabulary building activities are thoughtfully sprinkled throughout the curriculum.

Creative Extension Projects

These projects draw from the arts to deepen understanding while also offering creative thinkers the chance to shine brightly.

Cultural Snapshot

These projects and information guides offer a glimpse of the historical context of the peoples who shared these stories with their community. Thoughtful activities increase understanding of how stories live within a context as well as how they change as they travel from storyteller to audience.

Writing Projects

An exploration of different writing genres is included with this curriculum, including reflective pieces from your family's own experiences, non-fiction pieces to ensure writing clarity, and creative pieces.

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