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Volunteering with

Volunteering Value: 

We value a culture of collaboration and equality between group members. We believe caregivers need security in adult peer relationships in order to nurture and teach their children. We believe that a spirit of comradery, transparency, accountability, and teamwork among adults lights the way for children, who learn the same culture of deep respect. We are passing the torch to the next generation by modeling healthy adult collegial work. Read our other Values here.

Ready to jump in and help? 

Step 1: Fill out the Short Volunteer Onboarding Form, so we have your contact info, areas of interest, etc.

Step 2: After completing the form in Step 1, an invite to the Discord server will be emailed to you, join the AnySchoolers Volunteers Discord server. You can lurk and just observe what's going on behind the scenes. An invite to the Discord server will be emailed to you.

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