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Amnee Brown

Community Service Coordinator

I’ve been homeschooling since the beginning. Mostly unschooling, forest schooling with a bit of curriculum thrown in here and there. My three kids are Zaina, 11. She is my mini mama bear. Sweet and timid, but will be fierce with her brothers. Zidan, almost 8. He bounces and climbs and seems to have endless energy. Also a protective brother and full of love. Zaire, 5. He has a mind of his own, and is never afraid to just tell me what he is doing vs asking. He is a cuddle bug and loves his big sis and best bud.

I love to spend as much time outside as possible. I have many memories of being in school; wishing I could be outside enjoying the beautiful day. I love foraging and learning what is edible and/or useful in the land around us. I also love art, in many forms: creating, crafting, painting, viewing.

I graduated from KSU with a Bachelor's in Finance. I quit my job as an assistant trader when my oldest was born, only to start on the hardest job ever. I have no desire to go back to big money culture and work with the elites, the 1%ers. Ever.

Amnee's Favorite Resources:

Our two favorite resources for art. Draw along for kids by a childrens author, and watercolor tutorials for both kids and adults.


Amnee Brown
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