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Kindness Project: Day Six

For Saturdays, our kindness focus is on being kind to our friends. Although it tends to be easier to be kind to people we know and like, it is still important to remind them how much we care about them. Offering them a beautiful piece of handmade art can be a way to let them know how much we care about them. For kids, giving their friend an image that they colored can show how much they care in an inexpensive, simple way.

Given how hard it has been for many people to create and maintain friendships over the course of the pandemic, it can be especially important to guide children through these challenges. For younger children, they likely did not have the same amount of access to making and keeping friends that older children have had, so they may need additional support in these skills. Finding a way to show how much value someone's friendship has is especially important now.

We would love to see your family's handmade friendship art. Please feel free to tag us on Instagram at @anyschoolers or add it in the Spaces app. In comments, we would love to hear about ways you show friends you care about them. How has the pandemic changed how you grow your own friendships?


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