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MONDAY: Day Program Only with Draconids Campout

MONDAY: Day Program Only with Draconids Campout

Harmony Lake Campground

12471 Meadow Ln, Wellington, MO 64097, USA

10/9/23, 3:00 PM

Want to attend the daytime only and not spend the night at the campsite? Here's your ticket! The Monday schedule will be shared the week prior via email. Families are welcome to come for the whole day, partial or just evening activities!

AnySchoolers is sleeping under the Draconids meteor shower, playing games and learning about astronomy, dragon mythology (and dinosaur science), and meteor showers! 

Harmony Lake Campground is offering a generous discount to Anyschoolers, including discounted add-on dates (Oct 6, 7, 11, 12) before and after our official event. Be sure to register through this event page - do not go to Harmony Lake Campground directly (this will cause AnySchoolers to lose money on the event and the campground will profit 2x). No discount for one night only participation will be given due to overhead costs, but you are welcome to attend either or both overnights. Want to attend the overnight campout? Here's the registration:

About the Campsite:

Harmony Lake Campground is a private, beautiful, family-owned small property with a lake in the center, small island and man-made floating bridge. Activities include pattleboats, swimming, water trampoline, small beach area, farm animals to visit, walking/hiking areas. There are restroom facilities to use, and one shower if needed. the campground has a grill and microwave area available for use, and cooking over campfires is welcome! Firewood is provided in the campout costs by AnySchoolers, and outside firewood is prohibited (due to biosecurity measures).


Bring your family's own meals for Sunday dinner, as well as Monday breakfast/lunch/dinner, and Tuesday breakfast. 

Day Program - Monday, October 9th:

Don't want to join us for the overnights, but want to learn and play with us in the daytime? We've got a ticket for you to join us for volunteer-led educational programs (crafts, science experiments, games, camp songs, firepit) during the daytime on Monday, October 9th. Specific programming schedule will be shared via email in the week prior to the event. Arrival for the day program is casually 10am if you want your family to participate in morning activities. The group will break for lunch and do more activities in the afternoon. Once the sun goes down, the group will watch the Draconids Meteor Shower together. You are welcome to come and go from the campsite at your own preferred times. Whatever works for your family!

Campout Arrival and Departure

Sunday, October 8th - 2pm Check-In

Tuesday, October 10th - 12pm Leave

Need a Packing List? Here's a great example.

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