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FRIDAY: Chip's Chocolate Factory Tour!

FRIDAY: Chip's Chocolate Factory Tour!

Chip's Chocolate Factory

2450 Grand Blvd, Kansas City, MO 64108, USA

5/19/23, 3:15 PM

An Adventure in "Chocology" - A Unique Chocolate Education and Tasting Experience

This event has reached max capacity! If you signed up and are no longer able to attend please email If you weren't able to get spots but are interested in helping us coordinate another field trip there, please email as well! We can help, but need someone to be a point person, smiling face the day of for a second trip. :)


-The cost for the visit is $6.00 per participant and includes a goodie bag filled with fudge and chocolate. You will pay on site upon arrival. (Parents can decide if they will pay (and get goodie bag or not.)

-Minimum group size is 10 kids., Maximum attendees is 45. **Please register on the AnySchoolers site for the TOTAL number of people you are bringing (including adults, even if they aren't paying for a goodie bag) due to space constraints.**

-Allergy information will be requested upon registering.  They cannot guarantee no nuts but will do extra sanitizing and take measures.

-Chip’s Chocolate Factory is located on level two of Crown Center, and your parking is free when we provide you with a validation slip.

What You Learn

Receive the exclusive individual and undivided attention of our professional confectioner;

Learn the history of chocolate. Where is it grown, how is it harvested, how it's made, etc...;

See real cacao beans and chocolate in its various stages of production (nibs, powder, etc). Find out how it is harvested, turned into baker’s chocolate, dark chocolate, or milk chocolate. What really is white chocolate and why does chocolate melt so slowly in your mouth but fast in your hand?

Learn how fudge is made and why our fudge is unique. We take your group through the entire process from mixing, cooking and cooling the fudge. Find out why we use marble tables in the creation of our products;

Watch our confectioner transform fresh ingredients into a loaf of smooth, creamy fudge, and create some unique chocolate confections for you to enjoy during your tour. Everyone will find the entire process educational and very entertaining;

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