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April Volunteer Brunch

April Volunteer Brunch

Location is shared privately in Discord

4/13/23, 3:00 PM

Want to enjoy friendship, move AnySchoolers forward with enthusiasm, eat good homemade food, and make snarky comments while the kids play for hours and you get adult time? This is a meeting for anyone on the volunteer Discord server, anyone is welcome there, and there’s plenty of work to do!

Volunteering and teaching in AnySchoolers is not required, but it sure is fun!

We don't have any volunteer requirements of caregivers for family members to take AnySchoolers classes.  We want you to volunteer because you want to, love homeschooling, have a topic you're passionate about, or want to see an activity happen for homeschooling children and teens. Anyone can volunteer, and we are waiting for your help and input!

To attend brunch with other enthusiastic adults while your kids hang out, you'll need to fill out this form:

Brunch is at a private home, and address is shared in Discord server. If you can't attend in-person, we can Zoom you in!

Come hang out with us and bring your future volunteer love!

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