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Grads and Alumni + Adults 18 - 21 +
College / Trade School

Families still need support through early adulthood. We're still here with you. 

Community Maintenance
Grads and Alumni +
Adults 18-21 +
College/Trade School

Homeschooled teens are exposed to real-world learning and relationships all along their journeys. By the time a homeschooler has graduated, often they've traveled, worked, gone to college classes, interacted with adults in ways that are normal for citizen of society at large. Once a homeschooler is graduated, the world still feels big. 

Young adults are looking for connection - whether in friendships, workplaces, romantic partnerships, or familial bonds. Isolation and intimacy, shifting from thinking about oneself to thinking about others and self, are the hallmarks of young adult development. Safety and care in reciprocal relationships is the goal - informed by the early childhood attachment experiences from infancy and preschool years with caretakers.

Launching into the adult world is exciting and scary. 

Having a space to connect with other homeschool alumni from all different areas of the country, as well as right in their hometowns, in AnySchoolers is a fantastic resource for 18 to 20-somethings. It's hard to describe "where you went to high school," to someone who wasn't homeschooled, so it's good to know other homeschooled adults. It's a familiar place to return to for a touchpoint, no matter what path is chosen in life. Lifelong friends is an AnySchoolers dream.

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